Major Wireless Network Performance Enhancements with Wi-Fi6E


Major Wireless Network Performance Enhancements with Wi-Fi6E

Wi-Fi 6E is ending the stigma surrounding wireless computing. Users used to be able to choose between wireless speed and the slower operation of an ethernet-connected computer. However, such low expectations have long since passed. Today’s users expect uninterrupted Wireless Network Performance no matter how they are connected to the internet. Wi-Fi 6E has been designed to meet these high standards.

More Bandwidth can improve your wireless network performance

Many businesses still rely on Wi-Fi 5 technology. However, Wi-Fi 6E has the potential to be more efficient in supporting today’s congested wireless networks. Wi-Fi-6E’s 6GHz band has four-times the capacity of traditional 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands. It can therefore best support high-volume workloads like streaming technologies and teleconferencing. The 6 GHz express channel supports seven super wide 160MHz channels. It’s 12 more than 5GHz. This makes Wi-Fi 6E ideal for providing augmented reality gaming. Wi-Fi6e allows multi-gigabit high latency connections for the modern world. In rare cases where you require a greater physical reach to connect your Wi Fi 6E device to the internet, it can always use 2.4 GHz to do so. This increases the resilience of your wireless environment.

Juniper Networks Support For Wi-Fi 6E

While Wi-Fi 6E doesn’t currently work on all clients, it is an emerging standard. Given the rapid pace of innovation, it is imperative that every aspect of your business be future-proof. Your wireless infrastructure is one example. Juniper Networks has adopted this innovative standard which undoubtedly sets new standards in wireless speed, performance and reliability. Juniper AP45 was recently added to the marketplace, as well as Juniper AP34 tri-band access point. Both routers can connect to the Juniper Mist network immediately upon startup to receive firmware updates and configurations. This significantly speeds up deployment times, making it a more enjoyable experience for the manager.

Future-Proof Wireless Network Performance Using Wi-Fi 6E

If you’re thinking about upgrading your wireless infrastructure from the Wi-Fi 6E standard, which is now three years old, then get in the fast lane and move on to Wi-Fi 6E. This new standard will allow you to power the increasing number of computing devices being added to your network by end users, as well as the many IoT devices currently being developed to support your business. It is a new world, and it requires a different wireless standard. To learn more about Wi-Fi 6E and how it can revolutionize your company, please contact WEI

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