Hours are spent by cybersecurity professionals on problems


According to Invicti, security staffers can spend up to five hours fixing security flaws discovered during application development.

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Security flaws can often be discovered during software development, but only after the application is deployed. The worst part about this is that many of these security vulnerabilities could have been discovered earlier if the right tools and methods were used.

Invicti, a web security firm, released Tuesday a report that examines the time and resources used to find security holes in applications developed.

Invicti collaborated with Wakefield Research in order to survey 500 software developers and cybersecurity professionals with at least director-level positions. All respondents were from US companies employing 2,000 people or more.

32% of developers and 41% of security professionals surveyed claimed they spend more time each day addressing security problems that shouldn’t have happened. Overwork and stress can be a result of having to deal with security issues, particularly in the face of the Great Resignation, and the fear over cyberattacks.

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81% of respondents stated that support tickets can be summoned at any time. One third of respondents said that they have had to cancel plans with friends or go out on dates because of security concerns at work. Half of those surveyed said they had to log on over the weekend or on their own to solve a problem.

Many respondents pointed out positive aspects of their job despite the stress

Around 65% of security professionals and developers believe that they have saved their companies at most $1 million by preventing breaches in the last year. The majority of respondents said digital transformation and the shift to remote workers have made their jobs more rewarding and valuable. A significant increase in results from last year was the 49% who said they are friendly with their colleagues in security and development.

Despite this, security flaws and other problems are a sign of the need to improve the application development process.

Sonali Shah, chief product officer at Invicti, stated that security is everyone’s job

Shah said that organizations can reduce stress and problems related to security and DevOps teams through ensuring security is integrated into the software development lifecycle (or SDLC). Shah said that application security scanning should be automated while software is being created and after it has been released to production. Organizations can improve security by using tools that are quick to scan, precise findings, prioritized by context and integrate into development workflows. This allows them to shift security from one side to the other and deliver secure code quickly.

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Shah says that innovation and security are not necessary to be competitive in software development. They are inherently linked.