Accurate Psychic Predictions of Serious Events


What is 2022’s future hold for us? The year 2022 in Numerology is a year that vibrates 4. It will bring about reforms, stability and construction…or rebellion and violence.

This number will influence restructuring and construction efforts. If the foundations are weak, it will slow down and cause collapse.

A numerological study found that the number 4 attracts fanaticism, ruptures, and suffering. It also permits the construction of sustainable and stable projects in return.

2022 will be a year that focuses on work and economic performance in difficult circumstances.

The 4 represents the government, the country’s forces, and the men in power.

All kinds of discontent and controversy will be a part of 2022 from the beginning of the year. Is this the beginning of year 4? Are we in a period of crisis and regression?

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Let’s look back at 1930, which was also a year that vibrated 4 like 2022.

1930 saw famine, extremist rise, and international tensions. However, there was also xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

Extremist views have taken control of the international scene and the international situation is now worsened.

Is history being rewritten? It looks very much like it, and we are following the lead. It is up to man to reflect on his foundations and make adjustments. The governance of France in such a context will be difficult.

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2022 Predictions: What can we expect?

We will be able to go back 90 years in 2022. Did man not learn from his mistakes. He will rewrite history.

The year 2022 will be filled with the same events: rebellions, extreme surges, tensions and xenophobia.

Victimization is the key word. This includes strikes, riots, and attacks.

Although I don’t see any drawings of the world war, I believe that it will be more secretive and more hidden.

People’s anger won’t stop there. This crisis will be worse than it was last year. The government won’t make the arrangements.

The impact on health, transport, education and employment, as well as youth, will be significant.

Social assistance won’t be enough, and peace can’t be bought. The “yellow vests”, while a sign of an impending crisis, will not be sufficient.

There will be changes or adjustments to certain laws and the labor code. Reforms will also occur in education, justice and public health.

A large portion of the population will see the harsh climate, constraints, and rigor as injustice. Protests, revolt, and clashes followed.

The state will have to make human decisions and take positions due to the increase in immigration.

Reforms regarding the Church are on the horizon. Pope Francis will propose marriage between priests, provoking anger from the Curia.

Also, be aware that the Church will take very strict sanctions for any deviances.

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Let’s not forget about the municipal and senatorial elections in this difficult climate. The far right will reap the benefits of social suffering.

It will also be possible to replace the popular jurors in the courts of first instance with professional magistrates. This reform will be frowned upon by many because it will impact an institution that French law has established since the revolution. It is likely to be rejected.

  • Prediction for the Year 20220: Financial collapse
  • Globalization makes it necessary to see the world around us.

We should be afraid of the indebtedness of Japan, France, Italy, and the United States. Financial crisis will reach its peak. It will impact banks, insurance companies, and real estate.

The 2008 crisis will repeat itself. By the end of this year, the stock market and the banking system will be out of control. This is expected to happen by the beginning of 2022.

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The government will privatize some structures to get out of the crisis, and help the state. The government will privatize certain structures, including transport, banking establishments, SNCF and transport…or sell real estate that is state-owned. We will also be discussing privatization of booklet A.

  • A collapse is not to be taken as a sign of weakness. It will take many years to get it right.
  • EDF will undergo a restructuring in 2022. This will raise energy prices. There were many strikes and uprisings that followed.