Osmose Technology: Fake or Real?


We’ll be looking at Osmose-technology pvt. ltd as an online e-commerce company and earning source. Find out if it is genuine or not. There are many questions you may have about Osmose Technology. There are many other questions.

What is Osmose Technology Exactly?

Pvt Limited is an online earning source and an e-commerce company. It was established in Pune, Maharashtra in 2019. This company offers a variety of services such as earning online and e-commerce services. Their official ecommerce.

Osmose’s e-commerce portal Osmarket offers many products such as electronic gadgets, gift ideas, health products, and electrical appliances. While we don’t have any information about Osmose Technology, their products or services, we are still analyzing whether Osmose-technology really exists.


  • Online Earning Platform
  • Earn by joining other members
  • Their website offers essential items such as health products.
  • You can search for ‘Osmose Tech Pvt Ltd Reviews’ to find active social media accounts.


  • You will need to pay 1180 Rupees to become a member at osmose tech.
  • Does not provide contact numbers which can be very dangerous.
  • Websites will ask people for money to become members. People complain and claim it as Fraud.
  • Negative reviews in various consumer forums.

Is Osmose Technology Real or Fake?

We found that many people have shared their experiences with Osmose-technology via social media, some of which were neither good nor bad. Our research shows that Osmose-technology appears to be safe but has major issues that make it suspicious.

The website’s usefulness is determined by the absence of contact information for the company and insufficient information about the owner. The company charges members 1180 rupees to join, and many complain that they don’t receive the money.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to be a part of this company.

All applicants should do their research thoroughly before signing up. We encourage you to look at the website to your best advantage before you make any decisions.


According to Company’s Registration, it falls under the Business Activity Class / Subclass Code72900. The Main Activity of Private Limited is: Other computer-related activities (e.g. maintenance of websites for other companies/ creation of multimedia presentations, etc. It is located under the Division COMPUTER and RELATED ACTIVITIES, which are part of section


Its registered address can be found at Fl No A, Atulnagar Warje Highway 79/B Nr Runwal Panoramic PUNE Pune-411052 Maharashtra. This company can be reached via email or postal address for any queries.


held its Annual General Meeting (AGM), last taking place on and according to records from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, its balance sheet was filed on.

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