What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence

We will be discussing the future of artificial Intelligence in the next article. Today’s technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever. The pace of technology advancement is so rapid nowadays. Although we often think of AI as being human-like robots in science fiction movies, it’s actually far more. This includes programs such as Alpha Zero, who recently defeated all humans at Chess and other games.

AI is still a young field. Today, weak AI (Due To Limitations) is the name it goes by. The future of artificial intelligence will be about developing strong AI. AI can currently beat humans at certain tasks. But, in the future, AI will be able beat humans at all cognitive tasks. AI can have positive and negative effects.

Future Directions in Artificial Intelligence

AI is now diversified into almost all major fields.

Health Care Industries

India has 17.7% population. This makes it second in China’s terms. The country does not have access to quality health care facilities. It’s because there are not enough doctors or good infrastructure. Yet, many people are unable to reach doctors/ hospitals. AI has the capability to detect disease from symptoms. AI could even read data from a person’s Fitness band/medical histories to determine the pattern and recommend appropriate medication.

Google’s deep understanding has been able to detect fatal diseases like breast carcinoma, beating doctors as well. AI will soon detect common diseases and offer appropriate recommendations for medication. It could have the following consequences: No need for doctors long-term, which could result in a decrease in JOB.

AI in Education

Quality education is key to the country’s development. We can see that there are many courses on AI. AI will revolutionize education in the future. Today, there is no need for skilled labourers to work in manufacturing industries. They are almost entirely replaced by automation and robots. The education system can be very efficient and can be tailored to individual abilities and personalities. It would enable brighter students shine and allow them to find a better way to cope up.

While right Education can boost the power of individuals/nations it could also lead to disastrous results.

AI in Finance

A country’s financial and economic condition directly correlates with its growth. AI has a wide range of applications that can be used to improve the economic well-being of people and countries. AI algorithms are being used in equity fund management.

An AI system could analyze many variables and find the most efficient way to manage funds. An AI system would be more efficient than a human manager. AI-driven strategies in finance are set to revolutionize the traditional way of investing and trading. Some fund managers who can’t afford these facilities could find it devastating. This could also impact their business on a large-scale as the decision would come quickly and abruptly. The competition would be fierce and constantly on edge.

Cybersecurity and the Military Use of AI

AI-assisted Military technologies are able to build autonomous weapon systems. This will eliminate the need for humans and make the nation’s security more secure. In the near future we could see robot Military, which will be as intelligent and capable as a commando or soldier, and can perform certain tasks.

AI-assisted missions will improve mission effectiveness and make it easier to execute them. AI-assisted systems have a problem in that the algorithm it uses isn’t fully explicable. The problem with deep neural networks is that they learn faster and continue to learn. It can have disastrous results if it gets in the wrong hands, or makes incorrect decisions.

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