8 Tips to Fix Your Android Battery Drainage Too Fast


The following text was sent to us by an Android user. It read: “I am tired of my phone dying every day.” “I don’t know why my battery drain is so severe on my phone. But it’s something I want to investigate.” This sounds like your Android battery drain problem is making your phone drain faster than normal. Let’s get to the bottom of this issue.

You are not the only one experiencing slow battery performance when you use Android. Millions of Android users are affected by the battery drain problem. Some devices can last up to two days on a single charge while others require a charger for the same amount. It’s simple. The reason is simple. Some Android smartphones can only work at a specific temperature. As such, battery performance drops once the temperature rises above a certain point.

The majority of Android phones only have one power source: a battery. We all know that batteries don’t last forever so it is important to understand how to monitor their performance. We’ll show you how to check how much battery your Android phone still has.

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How can you fix your mobile phone’s battery?

  • These are the best ways to stop your Android battery from draining quickly.
  • These are the steps to determine what is causing your phone’s battery not to charge quickly.

Tip 1 – If your charger isn’t working,

  • A defective or damaged charger can cause your phone’s battery to drain quickly.
  • Many people charge their phones for several hours and then check to make sure it is still charging. Check your charger if your phone is not charging.
  • To make sure that the charger is working properly, check the cords.
  • You may have a defective charger cord. If so, replace it.
  • You’ll be in the same place again if you don’t buy a charger from an established retailer.

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Tip 2: Adjust your screen’s brightness.

The screen brightness may be the reason your phone’s battery seems to be low. You should therefore check the brightness of the phone by following the steps below.

  • Go to the Menu option on your Android phone.
  • Select System Settings from drop-down menu.
  • Next, navigate to Settings and choose Display.
  • Select the Brightness option in the menu.
  • After that, uncheck Auto and adjust the brightness on your phone.
  • Move the slider with your finger to adjust the brightness or move it to the right or left.

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Tip 3: Check your battery draining apps.

  • Multiple apps can cause your phone to go dead. To see the list and battery usage of these apps, go to Settings > Device or Settings > Power.
  • Android 8 users can go to Settings > Device > Batteries. It’s best to uninstall the app from your phone if it is already installed.
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Tip 4: Disable all mobile data.

  • As a result, your Android phone’s battery can often go to zero if you have mobile data on constantly.
  • Mobile data can constantly reduce your phone’s battery life, so you should turn it off completely. This will dramatically improve your battery performance.
  • Many people have reported this problem and claim that switching off mobile data has increased their battery life.
  • It’s possible for the battery to run out quickly if there’s weak reception.

Tip 5: Disable all connections manually

  • Please turn off any connections that you are not using, such as Bluetooth, WiFi or GPS.
  • You should only enable them when they are needed. Your battery will quickly drain if you enable the functions constantly.
  • To turn off all connections, switch to Airplane Mode
  • These smartphones are so packed with modern technology, you don’t even need to alter any settings.
  • Scroll up from the bottom to view all the options to enable or disable. You can disable the features that you don’t use and only enable them when they are absolutely necessary.
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Tip 6: Get rid of any widgets you don’t use from your home screen.

  • Many users are eager to add new apps on their home screens.
  • Some pre-installed apps like weather and news apps have widgets that are displayed on your home screen. These widgets can quickly drain your phone’s battery.
  • To reduce stress on your phone’s home screen, delete unnecessary widgets. This will help you increase the battery life of it.

Tip #7 – The Google Play service consumes a lot of power.

  • Google Play Services is an Android phone feature that allows you to drain your battery quickly.
  • It’s an Android feature that allows apps to communicate with each other, so you can’t do it.
  • There are ways to control it. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services.
  • Click the Clear cache button after that to update Google Play Service. This will greatly reduce battery depletion.
  • This method can be repeated once per month to optimize your Android phone’s battery life.
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Tip #8 – Disable Notifications

App users love to receive real-time information, such as emails or social media updates, but only a few apps need authorization to send notifications automatically.

  • You can solve the problem with your phone’s battery draining by turning off notifications.
  • Navigate to Settings > Apps, then browse less important apps. Uncheck “Show notification”.
  • Android 7.0 users will need to go to Settings > Device> Notification to manually adjust the notification level for each app.
  • You have the option to choose whether notifications are shown when your screen is vibrating, silently awakening, pinging or waking up.

To get Android 8.0 go to Settings > Notifications and then tap on specific apps. You can control the events of your app, such as WhatsApp push notifications, and how they send them, including vibrating, sounding, or silently.